Carbon Management and Valorization

The fight against climate change brings new obligations for economic actors. Thus, both private and public organizations must act to meet the expectations of their stakeholders while minimizing the costs of carbon pricing.

This is achieved by :

  • Establishing an effective strategy to reduce the costs of compliance with the carbon market
  • Getting a clear picture of the carbon footprint of your services or products with our personalized tools
  • Financing and valorizing the reductions of your emissions, whether they are carried out internally or in your value chain
  • Managing the carbon constraint to minimize the risk of loss of productivity or loss of market and communicate your progress effectively



Carbon Consult Group gives you access to an accredited verification service. Our expertise covers all programs that require an independent third-party audit. Whether GHG inventory declaration in accordance with the Cap-and-Trade Program or GHG emission reduction projects, our understanding of standards and protocols allows us to quickly respond to your needs.

Let us give you Access to audit services that go beyond compliance.



The consequences of climate change are already here. It is therefore necessary to adapt and strengthen the resilience of communities.

We carry out a vulnerability analysis that allows you to understand climate risks that can affect the health or safety of citizens, economic activities or the environment. We assist you in the preparation of an adaptation plan, tailored to your objectives and constraints.

Our team :

  • Puts forward an effective risk management to avoid excessive costs in the medium to long term
  • Meets the expectations of electors that are nowadays more informed and that demand concrete actions be taken to tackle climate change.


Sustainable finance

Our sustainable finance team gives you access to the best practices in carbon footprint and risk analysis for your investments taking into account the climate change factor. Our tailored risk analysis method allows you to estimate your exposure to the carbon constraint on all of your assets.

  • Calculate the carbon footprint and risk analysis of your portfolios.
  • Understand the trends in carbon risk management.
  • Evaluate your if your practices take into account climatic constraints in your investments.