Consultant Specialist – department of adaptation to climate change

GCC is looking for a Consultant Specialist to support the fulfillment of project mandates. The candidate will work with the adaptation team on a part-time or full-time basis.

The ideal candidate is passionate about meeting the challenge posed by climate change. He or she will meet the following selection criteria:

  • Has broad knowledge of the impacts of climate change in the Quebec context;
  • Has a very good ability to research and summarize information;
  • Has significant experience in writing scientific reports and technical documents;
  • Masters at least one geographic information system (i.e. QGIS or similar);
  • Understands the dynamics and functioning of municipal organisations;
  • Has a good knowledge of the parties involved in environmental management and their mandates (OBV, CRE, TGIRT, ZIP Committee, municipalities, MRC, ministries, Canard illimités, etc.);
  • Understands governance mechanisms for environmental management and applicability at the level of public organizations;
  • Skilled at explaining complex scientific information in laymen’s terms;
  • Has proven oral and written communication skills;
  • Is highly autonomous and able to work with minimal supervision.

Being able to demonstrate a wide network of contacts in the municipal sector will be considered an asset for this position.

Please use this application form (form in French) to send us your information, or contact us directly at (833) 227-2661.