Our Expertise


Our wealth of business experience allows us to better understand your requirements, while the complementarity of our key expertise gives us a unique holistic approach. Hence, we provide you with lean and tailor-made solutions that precisely fit your needs. 

Carbon management and valorization :

Navigate through GHG obligations and risks and identify business opportunities. 

  • Risk Analysis and Low Carbon Strategy
  • Financing and valorization of GHG reductions
  • Regulatory Compliance Management



Verification :

Access a verification service that goes beyond compliance :

  • Verification for “Cap and Trade” and “Green Fund” programs
  • Validation and verification of projects according to ISO-14064 standard


Adaptation :

Manage the risks induced by climate change by increasing the level of resilience of your organization.

  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • Development of an adaptation plan


Sustainable finance :

Analyze your exposure to transitional risks and measure your contribution to achieving the objectives set by the Paris agreement.

  • Carbon footprint and portfolio risk analysis
  • Asset type : equity and corporate bonds, sovereign debt, infrastructure, real estate 

Our team supports you in the transition to a low-carbon economy, while converting your efforts into benefits for your business and protecting you from the risks of climate change. 

Our Approach

We firmly believe in the climate emergency and we aim to support companies to become key players of change. 

We distinguish ourselves by:  

  • Listening actively to your needs in order to offer you solutions that best meet your goals and your objectives 
  • Sharing our knowledge and providing continuous training in order to give you with the right tools for the challenges ahead 
  • Guiding you beyond the status quo and standard practices with our visionary and “off the beaten track” approach 
  • Offering you a holistic view of your issues through our strong ecosystem of long-standing skilled partners 

Our team

We are a team of experienced professionals at the cutting edge of the best carbon practices with access to solutions to climate challenges. Based in Montreal, our firm is led by four experienced and passionate associates, supported by collaborators with multidisciplinary and related profiles. 

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China’s falling GHG emissions : a climate hope?

Let’s face it ! China is by far the largest GHG emitter in the world (supplanting the US), due mostly to the country’s booming economy and its reliance for energy on coal, the most polluting form of fossil fuels. New data seems to indicate that China’s emissions fell substantially between 2013 to 2016. Is this hope […]

CO2 Solutions welcomes Hydro Quebec as a service provider partner in the VCQ Project

CO2 Solutions Inc. announces the arrival of Hydro-Québec to the Valorisation Carbone Québec (“VCQ”) project as a service provider partner. As a partner, Carbon Consult Group is proud to see such a serious partner such as Hydro-Québec join the most comprehensive and ambitious CO2 capture and use project in the world. The VCQ project continues […]

Europe’s largest banks plan to be more greener in lending and managing money

As pressure grows to account for risks associated with climate change, Europe’s largest banks are unveiling plans to lend and manage money in greener ways. “ The intention is to adapt our balance sheet to climate transition, so clearly we want to have a change in our business mix. ” said Louis Douady, head of corporate […]

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