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Title:      Introduction à la réglementation du marché du carbone (FR)
Date:     17 Oct, 2017 |  1 hour, from 11:00 am 12:00 pm, E.D.T. ​| Online, Zoom
Offered by: CPA
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Title:      Business implications of GHG regulations; risks and opportunities for   energy and carbon management
Date:     Nov 14, 2017 |  1 day, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, E.D.T. ​| Toronto, ON
Offered by: CIET Canada
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    Issues related to GHG management    

The goal of the training is to make decision-makers aware of the risks linked to statu-quo and to highlight the opportunities that arise from setting-up a GHG emissions management system. The training is tuned to the specific sector of the organization.  

GHG basic training 

This basic training helps educating employees on programs implemented by the organization in relation to the management of their carbon footprint.
It allows participants to understand the issues related to climate change and to feel part of that change, whatever their position and role in the organization.

GHG advanced level

This advanced training is for environmental managers or anyone in charge of carbon footprint in an organization. It defines GHG reduction strategies by aligning reduction solutions with medium and long term targets.
This training also allows the integration of GHG reduction in a more holistic environmental approach, within a risk management or continuous improvement business strategy.

GHG expert level

This expert training allows an organization to manage its carbon footprint independently. The trained person performs GHG inventory and reporting, and is able to train others afterwards.
The organization is able to define its long-term targets aligned with the 2 ° C pathway and to assess the most relevant GHG solutions from a CO2 avoided cost perspective.

The organization can then deploy a GHG reduction strategy by getting a commitment from key stakeholders.

Other available training programs

CCG and its partners offer a variety of training programs related to carbon footprint and adapted to the expectations of its target audience.

Topics of available training programs:
- Renewable energy
- Ecodesign
- Carbon market
- Eco-friendly project development
- Life cycle assessment